Law Professor Wants To Rewrite & Destroy The Second Amendment

Mary Anne Frank 2nd Amendment

A professor at the University of Miami School of Law wrote an Op-ed in the Boston Globe suggesting redoing the First and Second Amendments while explaining how these amendments should be written.

First, She claims that both amendments “Inspire religious-like fervor in many Americans and are “Deeply flawed in their respective conceptualization.”

Of Course, the 2nd Amendment inspires religious-like fervor; we’re talking about the ability to effectively defend your life, with the operative word being effective.

If there is anything that the American people should have religious-like fervor about, it’s that.

She Goes on to say that, “These two amendments are highly susceptible to being read in isolation from the constitution as a whole and from its commitments to equality and the collective good and that the two amendments “Tend to be interpreted in aggressively individualistic ways that ignore the reality of conflict among competing rights”.

She then says that the result of this is that, “The Most powerful members of society” benefit from these rights at the expense of vulnerable groups.”

This is what she believes the Second Amendment should say:

All people have the right to bodily autonomy consistent with the right of other people to the same, including the right to defend themselves against unlawful force and the right of self-determination in reproductive matters. The government shall take reasonable measures to protect the health and safety of the public as a whole.

The only reason we have a right to bear arms in this country is because it is explicitly codified in our constitution.

Without the 2nd Amendment, there is no legal protection to our right to own firearms. She took out the word ARMs for this very reason.

She understands that without explicitly stating arms, there would be nothing to stop the government from banning guns outright, and that’s what she wants.

The 2nd Amendment is a thorn in the side of anti-gunners.

They claim to respect the Second Amendment, but they don’t.

They hate it because it protects the one thing they want to do away with, Guns in the hands of the people.

The Second Amendment doesn’t protect guns it protects your right to keep and bear them.

Simply saying the People have the right to defend themselves against unlawful force means nothing if you don’t have the means to exact an adequate form of defense.

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