House Trying To Pass ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban: Targets at Least 45 Specific AR-15 Rifles

HR 1808

Right now, the U.S. House is trying to pass a bill that would effectively ban the manufacture, sell, transfer, and possession of essentially all semiautomatic rifles and rifle caliber handguns and any magazine that can carry more than 10 rounds in H.R. 1808

The Bill even goes so far as to name 45 specific AR-15s and 30 AK-47s.

Does anyone want to guess to who this law does not apply?

The Government.

It carves out an exception for department agencies, Law enforcement officers, and even retired law enforcement.

They’re also trying to slide in a safe storage law with this Bill that basically says if you have a grandfathered gun, you have to have it locked up or on your person or so close to you that it might as well be on your person.

If the goal of this Bill is to “save as many lives as possible,” why are we even talking about so-called “Assault Weapons”?

According to the FBI, over 2x the number of people are killed by knives vs AR-15s.

Clubs and hammers kill more people than AR-15s.

More people are killed by hands, fists, and feet than AR-15s.

AR15s aren’t even used in the majority of mass shootings.

This Bill is nothing more than an incremental play to ban guns. Anyone with a working understanding of logic can see this.

If banning AR15s saves lives, then banning handguns saves even more lives.

But it’s easier to ban AR15s first; when those are banned and people realize more people are dying from handguns, it’ll be easy to ban them too.

It’s what they did in Canada, and our media praised them.

The people in this country have way more power than they realize to stop bills like this.

You simply call, write, email, text, DM your representatives, and tell them not to vote for this crap; if they do, they’ll lose your vote.

That’s it.

Enough people start blowing up their line, they’ll get the message, and they’ll vote against it out of fear they’ll piss off their constituency.

Just say or write, “Hey, if you vote for this bill, I won’t be voting for you”.

That’s it.

They’ll get the message real quick.

Especially if the Bill doesn’t pass and the people who voted for it get voted out.

Stop thinking you have to accept what they do; you don’t.

If this Bill goes to vote, it will likely pass because the democrats have the house, unless some of these liberal gun owners start making their 2A Rights a voting issue and let their reps know that voting for this Bill will be detrimental to their reelection.

The balls are in your court.

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