Defensive Gun Use Gets Convicted Of Murder In Texas, Greg Abbott Wants To Pardon

Gov Greg Abbott Pardon Daniel Perry

As a lawyer, this verdict surprised me, and then it didn’t. From a legal perspective, Texas is a stand-your-ground state. That means if you have a legal right to be somewhere and reasonably believe your life is in danger, you don’t have to run away; you can stand and fight for your life using deadly force.

So when I heard the prosecutor argue that he had other options, like driving away, and the Jury subsequently found him guilty, I was like, oh, this doesn’t smell right.

Now, I’ll admit, I wasn’t in the courtroom, and maybe there was evidence or testimony that made the Jury believe his life wasn’t in danger.

Still, I’m also not naive enough to think that this case’s social politics didn’t play a role in this decision.

How much of a role, I can’t say, but I do know Austin is essentially a mini California, run by a very Woke Mayor who hates guns in the hands of civilians.

The protestor was an avid supporter of Black Lives Matter and was there with his black disabled wife, while the driver was not a supporter of the protest.

None of this should matter because the only questions that needed to be answered were, did the driver have a legal right to be where he was?

Did the driver engage in any actions that would justify using deadly force to stop him from engaging in that action?

Finally, did the driver reasonably believe that his life was in immediate danger, which would justify using deadly force to protect himself?

But Juries are composed of people, and people are inherently biased, so you may think what you did was justified.

Still, your justification and someone else’s justification may differ.

Hell, your justification may not be the same as what another state may consider be justified.

People tend to oversimplify self-defense from a legal standpoint.

This case is a perfect example of how complicated and random a self-defense situation can be. Now imagine if you were completely alone in this situation.

This is why I am always shamelessly telling people to get some self-defense insurance through a membership like USCCA.


Most people don’t have a lawyer they can call at the drop of a dime when something happens, and the lawyers that most people know don’t even practice in the field of self-defense.

With a USCCA membership, you make two calls if you’re in a self-defense shooting. The first one 911, and the second one will be the 24/7 emergency support team who will literally guide you through the unexpected realities of a self-defense situation.

On top of that, you’ll get access to an entire legal network of lawyers who not only specialize in self-defense cases; they specialize in self-defense cases in your state!

With a USCCA Membership, you also get access to a wealth of training and information like the Training video vault, where self-defense experts teach you beforehand how to avoid a dangerous situation and when you can and can’t use your firearm to defend yourself.

So please, if you carry a gun or any weapon for any defense, whether concealed carry or home defense, protect yourself legally.

I work with USCCA because I believe they have the best all-around membership on the market, but even if you don’t choose USCCA, choose something because you might be alone if you ever have to defend yourself, but you don’t have to be alone through the legal process.

I think USCCA is the best, which is why I work with them, and they do offer my followers special FREE bonuses to become a member with a 365-day money-back guarantee.

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