Alert 200% Proof The Elite Will Start Global Currency Reset & Digital Currency

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Every economic collapse is seen as an opportunity by the elites. While many people are frightened and outcasted by their governments, the top 1% of the 1% is more concerned about moving forward its own agenda.

They shamelessly take advantage of the desperate citizens that are seeking quick solutions to put their lives back together, using the crisis as an opening gate to push unpopular regulations that would never be accepted in ordinary times, sneaking their sordid wish list into rescue packages, while posing as philanthropic heroes concerned about the world when they’re only really concerned about themselves.
To give you a clearer picture, just remember what happened after the USA Patriot Act passed in Congress succeding the events of 9/11. Back then, implementing new security measures was definitely needed, but the Treasury had been long wishing to have more control over people’s transactions and to limit citizen’s ability to get cash. That’s when they finally had the perfect setting to do so – and we are living the results of it ever since.
The intention behind their actions isn’t new: to eliminate cash. For many years, large-denomination bills were slowly discontinued. From the late ’60s to the present moment, $500, $1000, $5000 and even $10,000 dollar bills vanished away until we were left with the largest bill of $100 dollars. Even Europe has eliminated its 500-euro bill over the course of the past few years and, as we warned before in previous videos, we’re moving towards a cashless society.
Besides Bitcoin, other several central banks and the IMF are working on new digital currencies nowadays, soon enough that will guide us to the verge of a currency reset. Harvard professor, Ken Rogoff, has a book titled “The Curse of Cash”, in which the complete elimination of cash is defended. The reasons said to justify the implementation of a digital currency are related to the prevention of terrorism, criminal activities, and tax evasion – since cash is anonymous and it can’t be traced. Even though there is some truth in there, it’s only a smokescreen to deviate our attention from the real reason behind it, which is that the elimination of cash would allow the elites to impose negative interest rates, account freezes, and confiscation.
It isn’t possible for them to automatize this type of activity if you’re able to withdraw your cash from your bank account. That’s their liability. They can only control our money if they manage to escort us into a digital currency system. And – surprise, surprise – that’s exactly what they are planning to do during this global outbreak.
The 2020 economic collapse is wider and way scarier than the 2008 crisis, handing the elites the all-time expected opportunity to enforce their agendas without any serious opposition. To give extra support on their moves, government agents and tech vendors’ opinions on how cash can be “dangerous”, because it could contain traces of the virus, are going to be emphasized all over the media – just wait for it.

With all that said, it is really important for you to protect yourself from what’s coming next. If we can’t protect ourselves from the inevitable future, we can still protect our belongings. A very defended way, among economic experts, to deviate from losing your life savings in a situation such as this one is to keep a portion of your wealth outside of the banking system.Even though by now it won’t be an easy mission to find gold for sale, economists had confirmed that it is worth it to pay higher rates than usual for now, because ultimately the ounce can escalate to $10,000 when panic hits this market.

So try to work on your exit plans, because we are falling into a perverted trap created by the ones who really control this world. The ones that allow things to happen or keep them from happening. The ones that suck the life out of our hands by precarizing our work conditions, our health systems, our local economy, our independency – our freedom.
Don’t be fooled by thinking that the global outbreak had triggered the collapse of the whole economic and social systems alone. This is a well-coordinated crash that was always silently marching towards our lives and now it has found the perfect mask to hide into. We have been left out by our leaders and by our nations a long time ago, but many of us are only seeing it now, as many governments refuse to take proper action to help the people who were infected, the people who still have to risk their lives everyday by going to work, the ones that lost their jobs or had to shut down their small businesses, the ones that struggle to put food on their tables. If they can use this crisis to get what they want, we can use it to see who they really are. As capitalism shows no mercy, you should be alert and take care of yourself.

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Epic Economist

Epic Economist

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