Will Hurd Calls For High Tech Wall

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A Congressional Republican that GETS IT! How rare!

Representative Will Hurd, a Texas Republican, and former CIA operative has just introduced a bill that would create a high-tech web of surveillance and sensors at America’s porous southern border. The SMART Act fills all conditions that President Trump has demanded.

Hurd’s bill, the Secure Miles with All Resources and Technology Act, (SMART Act) proposes to apply the latest 21st-century technologies to the problem of securing the southern border.

“We can’t double down on a Third Century approach to solve 21st Century problems if we want a viable long-term solution,” Hurd had said during the bill’s rollout. Instead of just a mere concrete wall marking the border, the bill would demand that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) deploy advanced radar, vehicle mounted sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles, and even remote camera arrays.

Hurd said that this will be more effective and less

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