Wife of Police Officer Schools Anti-Police, Anti-Gun Fanatic

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After several shootings this week, gun-control fanatics are once again pushing for stronger and stricter gun control laws. As usual, many use the same old rhetoric that is false, twisted truth, out-right lies and intentionally ignoring the real facts. One such anti-gun fanatic is State Representative Minnie Gonzalez (D-Hartford CT). In her case, Marissa Cullen, wife of a Hartford Police Officer responded with an open letter that destroyed everything Gonzalez stated.

This week has seen more tragic shootings and an increase in calls from anti-gun fanatics for more and stricter gun controls. However, many of these anti-gun fanatics resort to lies, half-truths and the intentional omission of facts when arguing that guns are the cause of gun violence instead of the people.


For example, take a look at David Frum, an anti-gun reporter for The Atlantic. After the shooting in Virginia

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