What Not To Do With A Gun: Tow Truck Edition

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Some people’s kids.

Alright, so the woman was a legal adult. Still, someone supposedly raised her, and whoever that is might need to ask themselves where it all went wrong.

Sarah Mayfield got upset when a tow truck was set to tow her vehicle. She was apparently parked illegally, but I can still get someone being upset over it.

What I don’t get is what happened next.

Put yourself in Sarah Mayfield’s shoes. You look out your window to see a tow truck driver getting ready to haul off your illegally parked car. What do you do? Well you run outside to plead your case, that’s what you do. Unfortunately, she apparently wasn’t sufficiently convincing that the tow truck driver was willing to cut her a break.

That’s when things escalated and . . .

(Authorities) said during the altercation, the owner pulled a weapon on

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