What a Natural Disaster Taught Me About the Second Amendment and Why It’s More Important Than Ever

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In the wake of President Barack Obama’s latest attempt to circumvent Congress and implement stricter gun controls through “executive action,” a broader discussion over the continued necessity of the Second Amendment is sure to follow.

As a Midwest transplant, one of the first things I noticed after moving to my leafy New Jersey suburb was how few of my neighbors had ever even seen a real gun let alone held or fired one. Where I grew up, which at the time was a semi-rural outlier of Chicago, shooting guns was just part of who we were.

I shot my dad’s M1 Carbine; several of my friends had small bore shotguns and even a few pistols. We all could aim straight and true. Never once was anyone even close to being injured. When you grow up with responsible gun ownership pounded into you by unforgiving teachers like my 1st U.S. Marine…

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