Wendy Davis Channels Hillary Clinton In Election Confession

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Maybe running as the “free abortions for everyone” candidate isn’t the best strategy in TEXAS!

Texas Democrat, and failed gubernatorial candidate, Wendy Davis, announced that she will be making another run at elected office. In a recent article, she also sought to explain her humiliating loss to Greg Abbott in 2014, by channeling Hillary Clinton.

In her article for Cosmopolitan, Davis talked about how she “came back stronger after losing” the Texas governor’s race in  2014, by a decisively humiliating 20 point margin.

“Most people know about my gubernatorial loss, but I also lost my first ever race: for my local city council. I was 33. I worked so hard on that race,” Davis recalled.

“I’m trying to figure out when I should put myself back out there, and when will the electoral climate in Texas be right for me. I want to serve this state. I see so much

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