Washington State Supreme Court Upholds Seattle’s Unconstitutional Gun Tax

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Unsurprisingly, the fascist leftists who serve on Washington state’s Supreme Court have ruled in favor of the city of Seattle and agreed that the city has every right to undermine the 2nd Amendment as long as they call their efforts a “tax.”

In an 8-1 decision , the justices affirmed a lower court ruling that the levy was valid because it fell within the city’s taxing authority and because its primary purpose was to raise revenue for “the public benefit.”


While pro-Constitution, and pro-2nd Amendment, and pro-freedom groups argued that the tax was a smokescreen and the true purpose of the city’s “gun tax” measure was to make it more difficult for city residents to have a firearm, Justice Debra Stephens disagreed.

Justice Stephens wrote the majority opinion, which said:

State law “grants Seattle broad authority to tax retailers

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