Washington State Residents Respond to Gun Ban in State Senate with Increase in CCP

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A couple of weeks ago, Washington state’s alt-left neo-com anti-America and anti-gun Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib pulled an Obama by announcing his law banning all guns, including legally permitted concealed carry permit weapons, from the state Senate gallery. He didn’t bother to work with the legislature, but just decided he would make law as any good Democrat believes they can.

The state’s largest newspaper ran articles and editorials calling for a complete gun ban throughout the entire state capital complex and the people of Washington responded, but not the way Habib anticipated. It seems the number of concealed carry permits have increased by 20,000.

(Liberty Park Press) – Only days after Washington Lt. Gov. Cyrus Habib unilaterally declared the state Senate viewer gallery to be a “gun free zone,” the state’s largest newspaper reinforced its anti-gun editorial policy by calling for a ban on firearms throughout the state capitol in a Friday

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