Want to Reduce Mass Shootings? End Gun Control

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Keep and Bear

The Democrat and Chronicle is a newspaper that serves the greater Rochester, New York area. It is also associated with USA Today, and as such, is a more than liberal media outlet. Rochester has been pretty much run by liberal Democrats since 1962. As such, the city has taken typical anti-American stances on many issues including the Second Amendment and gun control.

That’s why it is so surprising to see the Democrat and Chronicle print an editorial that was anti-everything the newspaper and city government stands for. The editorial, written by guest essayist Craig Robillard, who posits the idea of removing gun control laws in order to reduce the number of mass shootings. He points to what many of us have been saying all along is that most of the mass shootings take place in gun free zones or areas with strict gun control laws.


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