VIDEO: Two of America’s Most Iconic Guns Beautifully Restored to Glory

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When it comes to the history of America, and our quest to carve out the nation of our dreams, there are a number of iconic adventures that mustn’t be forgotten.

The journey of Lewis and Clark, the Louisiana Purchase, Manifest Destiny, and the California Gold Rush all come to mind, lending their own unique spin to the ways in which Americans came and conquered.  It was our dream to stake out an entirely new world on this continent, and by God we achieved it.

Now, as we approach the 200-year anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo, the piece-de-resistance of the Texas Revolution, a pair of the mission’s cannons have been preserved and repaired in order for future generations of Americans to marvel.

“Among several artillery pieces from the iconic site where Texans and volunteers from across the U.S. held their famous last stand in 1836, the two

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