US Prison Population Continues Its Steady Decline

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“You gotta pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers!” – Mark Hanna, Wolf of Wall Street Movie

The population residing within the U.S.’s State and Federal Prisons dropped in the year 2016, as per the statistics released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics – BJS on Wednesday. This statistical data also shows that the decline in the national incarceration rate has dropped for a consecutive third year.

This drop in population in the prison also marks the lowest rates of imprisonments – measured as the obligation to a prison for more than one year – since the year 1997, where the rate was almost 450 prisoners on every 100,000 U.S. residents. The year 2016’s rate was as low as 444 prisoners.

As per an estimate, in 2016 there were lesser than 21,200 prisoners in both, state and federal jails, as compared to the prisoners in 2015, the report said.

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