UK’s Nigel Farange: Police Should Be Armed

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There’s just something odd about the idea of an unarmed police officer to an American mind. After all, we arm our police all the time. Even the ones scooting about on a Segway or peddling down the sidewalk on a bicycle are armed, for crying out loud. How else would we expect police officers to deal with violence should they encounter it?

But it’s important to remember that what’s the norm here in the U.S. isn’t necessarily normal everywhere. Especially when it comes to firearms.

The U.K., for instance, doesn’t arm many of its police officers. However, one U.K. politician thinks it’s time for that to change after the most recent terrorist attack in that country.

The former Ukip leader said all British police officers should be given firearms or tasers during his LBC radio show on Sunday.

The MEP’s comments follow the latest attack in London at Parsons

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