TX Proposes Bill to Hunt Hogs from Hot Air Balloons

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What a time to be alive…Texas has proposed a bill to hunt feral hogs from hot air balloons. Interesting strategy, but people regularly hunt them from helicopters already. So in reality, legalizing the same activity from hot air balloons isn’t really that crazy. If passed, it could go into effect on September 1. However, a  permit will be necessary for this method of hunting.

Some people argue that it may not be fair or give the hogs a fighting chance….but Texans are fighting a losing war with feral hogs. They are having to come up with creative ways to cut the population down a bit.


Wide Open Spaces reports:

In one of the more interesting pieces of legislation introduced recently, Republican state representative Mark Keough has introduced a bill that would make hunting feral hogs from a hot air balloon legal.

House Bill

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