Trump’s EPA Under Attack By Taxpayer Funded PBS

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Let’s defund the Partisan Broadcasting Service (PBS)…

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), recently released yat another documentary deeply critical of Trump’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) head, Scott Pruitt. The Frontline Documentary, entitled “War on The EPA,” paints Pruitt as an environment-destroying pawn of big oil interests.

PBS’s documentary was heartily praised by radical environmental groups like the Sierra Club, but this should come as no surprise, since it relied heavily on Obama-era EPA officials and numerous other radical climate extremists. Gina McCarthy, Obama’s EPA Administrator, who oversaw the systemic destruction of the coal industry in red states – which resulted in mass unemployment and destitution across huge swaths of rural America – was a prime contributor to PBS’s partisan report.

The Frontline Documentary also interviewed Betsy Southerland, a recently retired EPA Director, who resigned in protest to the Trump Administration’s proposed budget cuts to the EPA. In her published retirement

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