Trump To Radically Slash State Dpt. Budget?

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“With the new funding levels, our operating budget will be $8.63, and any lint I happen to have in my pockets…”

According to revelations from former and current officials of the two political parties, President Donald Trump is looking to drastically alter the State Department in a way that has never been seen before.

The recent moves by his administration, including potential budget cuts of around 30 percent, a freeze on all hiring and a reshuffle of positions within the State Department, have left numerous positions vacant, which in turn, has severely demoralized the remaining staff.

Previous Republican administrations have also attempted to reduce the size of the department and current staffers have admitted to facing bureaucratic issues as well.

However, what President Trump is trying to do with the State Department is being described by former officials as something unprecedented. Many have gone on to call it Trump’s war

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