Trump Rescinds Job Offer To Closet Gun Control Extremist, Dean Winslow

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Presidents correctly and rightfully expect their appointees to at a minimum, remain silent about policy differences, especially in areas where they have no  expertise. President Trump is not one to suffer fools at high levels. A recent potential appointee seemed to wish to score political points at the expense of the President.  Dean L. Winslow made a basic, rookie error. He lost. From

At my hearing, jet-lagged and in mourning over those killed, I was asked by Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) about the military discharge status of the shooter. He had been given a bad-conduct rather than dishonorable discharge and — despite episodes of domestic violence and a stint in a psychiatric hospital — was able to buy several weapons, including an AR-15-style gun. Although I stated that discharge status was not my area of responsibility, Shaheen pressed her point. I acknowledged that the Air Force dropped the ball and recommended an inspector

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