Today in Alabama: Choice between Gun Rights and Gun Grabbers

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Keep and Bear

Make no mistake, one of the most important distinctions between the two Senate candidates in today’s Alabama special election is the idea of gun rights.

While there may be much controversy swirling about the GOP candidate, Judge Roy Moore (R-AL) and his past, possible associations with underage girls.

The reality is that on paper, these two candidates could not be more different.

Doug Jones (D-AL) is not your traditional Alabama Democrat. No, instead of being a fiscally moderate, socially conservative Southerner. Jones is actually a far-left liberal in the mold of a New York City or San Francisco Democrat. On the economy, abortion, taxes, gay marriage, and guns – Jones is as far-left as they come and he just doesn’t fit in with Alabama’s conservative electorate (even the Democrats in Alabama are usually more conservative).

From Breitbart:

Jones has been clear about restricting the Second Amendment. He told

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