Thought Christie Was Playing Dirty with Gun Laws? Wait Until You Meet…

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The New Jersey gun grab looks to be on in full after outgoing governor Chris Christie made some desperate, last minute moves, but now that his successor is looking to add fuel to the fire.

Christie, a failed republican candidate for President who has been consistently lambasted for his poor decisions and big-government trappings, spent the last few hours of his governorship hurriedly banning bump stocks in the state of New Jersey – a cowardly bit of timing for a republican whose transitioning to domestic life in a blue state.

Now there is more bad news on the horizon for New Jersey gun owners, as incoming Governor Phil Murphy, a democrat, is looking to expand on Christie’s gun grabbing nonsense right away.

“Newly installed New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) is following up on Chris Christie’s (R) bump stock ban by pushing a sales tax on gun

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