The World’s Tiniest Gun Can be Yours, and it Fits in Your Wallet

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Trailblazer Firearms is now selling the world’s tiniest gun and it’s one that will be able to fit in your wallet, so you can take it wherever you go. The Lifecard .22LR is Trailblazer’s newest toy and it’s got a lot of gun aficionados very excited.

From Trailblazer Firearms

Trailblazer president Aaron Voigt, who has served in two branches of the military told the New York Daily Post, “New designs and true innovation have been the exception and our goal is to be the pioneer laying new trails for gun enthusiasts, designers and manufacturers. Initially, I had no idea that going from concept to actual product would take seven years, but in essence, that time spent was valuable and will show in every aspect of this remarkable product.”


A spokesperson for Trailblazer Firearms wanted to stress a few things for

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