The Top 10 Myths about Guns from an Unbiased Perspective

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Keep and Bear

It’s not often that you find a source for information on guns that isn’t biased in one direction or the other. Either you’ve stumbled upon a pro-2nd Amendment website (like ours) or you’ve been bludgeoned by anti-gun nuts at a site like the Trace. However, we  were recently pleasantly surprised to find some folks who don’t seem to have a dog in the fight, and have accurately and concisely analyzed ten of the biggest myths about guns in America.

The video, from TopTenz, covers these important topics in an fair and balanced (and interesting) way.


10. Suppressors (aka Silencers)

9. Semi-Automatic Firearms

8. Assault Weapons

7. Stand Your Ground

6. Magic Bullets

5. Self-Harm

4. It’s Easy to Buy a Gun

3. You Need a Big Gun

2. Gun Control and Crime Rates

1. The Second Amendment

Firearms are a controversial topic

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