The Ten Dumbest Gun Control Laws on the Books

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Keep and Bear

Most gun control laws are just downright stupid. However, some laws are are worse than others and our friends at Bearing Arms have made a list of some of the worst.

It’s not an in-depth analysis but it covers some of the most influential, and onerous, laws on the books.


From Bearing Arms:

1. The Hughes Amendment

This was something tacked on to an otherwise pro-gun bill during the Reagan Era. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the name, if you’re a gun nut, you’re familiar with the ramifications of this bit of legislation. You see, this is the reason the machine gun market is what it is. This law banned machine guns manufactured after 1986 to go to private hands.

All this law did was assign an arbitrary cut-off date that had nothing to do with anything in and of itself.

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