The Results Of Our Smart Gun Survey

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Smart Gun

Their study found that most of the questioned people thought that this technology is a necessity.

The NSSF condemned the entire process by which they conducted their survey, and we thought we’d do our own, just to prove a point and to send our own message that resembles a single finger standing up at the position of attention.

Originally, I wanted to take screen-shots of the responses, but figured there would be too much red-tape involved with that. So, I’ll just highlight some of your responses. Which, by the way, are absolutely hilarious. But, that’s besides the point because aside from being funny, they are also true.

The very first comment to our “survey” suggested that, instead of “smart guns,” we “need to develop a smart politician.”

My obvious reply, is GOOD LUCK!

The next comment I want to point out, said: we don’t need smart guns,…

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