The Pacific Northwest Turns its Back on Gun Rights

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Keep and Bear

The Pacific Northwest was once a bastion of freedom and liberty where people moved to find more freedom, not less of it. Sadly, those days are gone and the people living in Washington and Oregon no longer care about their freedoms because they’d rather suckle at the teat of government.

For example, the state of Washington’s Supreme Court issued an 8-1 opinion allowing the city of Seattle to break state law and force a “gun violence tax” onto the people of Washington.


The 2015 tax law gives Seattle the ability to impose a tax of $25 per firearm plus 2-5 cents per round of ammunition, on all gun purchases in the city.

The city had argued that the tax would increase city revenue and provide for the betterment of their population. Instead the city actually LOST revenue, as most gun customers

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