The Media’s Ridiculous Reaction In The Week Since Texas Church Shooting (Video)

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Bullets First

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In the five days since the Texas Church shooting the Mainstream Media, aka Fake News Suppliers, has run the full gambit of pearl clutching shock, to ignorantly talking about firearms without having any idea, to trying to speak about the law in the same manner a gorilla tries to use a computer.

Take for instance, this gem from the USA Today’s Twitter feed:

Yeah.  USA Today was rightly mocked for this and had to go so far as to issue a follow up tweet explaining that they church shooter did not, in fact, have a CHAINSAW, attached to his rifle.

Furthermore we have talking heads decrying the “domestic abuse loophole.”

Loophole is one of those words that gun control zealots like to toss out there in hopes of making it feel like there are end arounds to

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