The Leftist Obsession With ‘Smart Guns’

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Leftists seem to be completely enamored with the idea of smart guns. The Daily Beast is just the latest to laud the technology in a post about the subject. It’s a talking point that is parroted time and time again, the idea that a smart gun will ultimately be the solution to gun violence.

However, The Daily Beast is also one of the rare left-leaning outlets that actually touches on part of the problem with smart guns.

But smart guns remain a novelty, for more than a few reasons. First, making a gun “smarter” requires technological work that makes it, by definition, a more expensive purchase. Second, guns with added accessories make for a bulkier product, rendering them less desirable—an issue Cohen and his team tried to deal with in creating their smart gun, which uses embedded technology.

The problem with smart guns isn’t that they are trying to

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