Texas Democrats Apologize For Blatantly Wrong Tweet

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The Texas Democrat Twitter account really blew it. In typical Democrat fashion, they saw a shooting on a college campus and immediately blamed a piece of pro-gun legislation. In this case, it was campus carry in the Lone Star State.

They were immediately hammered over the fact that absolutely nothing the shooter did was legal in any way, shape, or form.

Now, they’re offering up an apology for their behavior.

The Texas Democratic Party apologized on Tuesday for a tweet it posted after a fatal shooting at Texas Tech University.

As news broke Monday night that a 19-year-old student had allegedly shot and killed a Texas Tech University police officer, the Austin-based organization posted the following tweet on its official account:

[Tweet appears to have been removed]

The Texas Democrats’ tweet quickly came under sharp criticism.

Stuart Williams, chairman of the Lubbock County Democratic Party, wrote that it was not

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