Tennessee Gun Owner Hailed as Hero, Held Escaped Convicts at Gun Point

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Lets hear it for our Tennessee gun owner that held the two escaped convicts from Georgia at gunpoint until police arrived to arrest them. The inmates killed two prison guards (Sgt. Christopher Monica and Sgt. Curtis Billue) on Tuesday.



The pair idiot thugs were attempting to steal the homeowner’s vehicle, when he caught Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose. Lets just say in a game of inmate VS. gun, the gun will win.

[T]he escaped Georgia inmates had crashed a car while being chased by law enforcement and fled on foot into woods along Interstate 24 near the rural community of Christiana.

Miller says something alerted the homeowner that people were outside his home and he saw the men trying to steal his vehicle. The trooper says the homeowner held the two at gunpoint with a neighbor he

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