Teens Plotted to ‘Kill Everyone’ at Their Middle School

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What are children being exposed to in today’s society!? Are we becoming so desensitized that even middle schoolers are being arrested for intent to murder?! What is happening??

Three teenagers have been charged with a violent plan to “kill anyone and everyone” at their middle school in Michigan.


Lapeer County Assistant Prosecutor, David Campbell, looked over the letter allegedly written by Gunnar Rice. The chilling words spelled out their plan to exterminate their fellow classmates.


The 14-year-old wrote in detail how they wanted to “exterminate all the [expletive] animals at this school, we’ll kill everyone and anyone of our choosing.”

Another one of the arrested students, Dylan Michael DeAngelis, wrote: “I want them to look at me face to face with their tear-filled eyes staring right into mine while I have a gun pressed into their forehead. We are immortal.”

NY Post reports:

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