Teachers Being Instructed In “Diversity,” Not Basic Literacy

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“Eyh Teach, what’s with the freaky squiggles all up on this piece of paper, yo?”

After a radical reworking of their education program, the University Of Maryland’s College of Education is producing teachers who don’t know how to teach literacy, or manage a classroom.

Students enrolled in the University of Maryland’s bachelors of Elementary Education program are flooding Maryland public schools, but are not properly prepared to teach literacy, or even manage a classroom effectively. Instead, students are spending their time in “diversity training,” using syllabuses that confuse the instructors as much as the students.

Based off of leaked internal communications at the University of Maryland, we have discovered that several of the new “social Justice,” and “Diversity,” courses were developed and taught by the graduate students with almost little or no guidance by those with more experience in the field.

The plan was to reorganize the different five courses

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