Tasers Are No Replacement For Firearms According to New Study

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Keep and Bear

For years, a debate has been raging among firearms critics and police proponents about whether or not there are opportunities for non-lethal incapacitation tools on the force.

Of course the police are looking for ways to not use deadly force in their everyday work.  Despite what groups like Black Lives Matter try to tell us, the American police force is not an aggressive gang of minority-hating hitmen whose sole purpose is to rid the world of brown and black criminals.  This concept is merely just another piece of the left’s divide and conquer strategy, employing opposition in order to turn voters.

One option for this has been the Taser, which incapacitates its targets by sending a heavy duty electric current through their musculature rendering them unable to control their limbs.  Most Taser subjects find themselves flopping around on the pavement, not unlike a caught fish, until police are able

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