Supreme Court Bans Printing 3-D Guns

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The Supreme Court turned down its chance to weigh-in on regulations for 3-D printed firearms — for now.

The high court announced its decision Jan. 8, sending Defense Distributed v. State back to the western district of Texas to be heard on its merits.

Cody Wilson, Defense Distributed’s founder, told Friday he’s undeterred by the rejection.

“I don’t know whats going to happen, but eventually the issue is going to get before a court that can really consider it, like the Fifth Circuit and the Fifth Circuit is looking pretty good,” he said. “But it still might take a year or two years to get it done.”

In 2013, the federal government demanded Wilson remove his computer-aided design file for “The Liberator” — a single-shot .380 caliber pistol — from Defense Distributed’s website as a violation of the International Traffic in Arms Regulation.

Building a homemade firearm falls within

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