Support Antonia Okafor: Gunslinger Beauty Queen Who Won’t Be A Liberal Troll To Win Her Crown

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Bullets First

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In case you missed the final round of questioning at this years Miss America competition let me sum it up quickly.  “Contestant, please succinctly and with using as many liberal buzz words as you can, bash the President of the United States, Donald Trump.”

Of the five finalists, 4 answered the liberal dog whistle and regurgitated the equivalent to the MSNBC daily talking points.

Little wonder that the winner was Cara Mundi of North Dakota who apparently read from the Climate Change Cultist manifesto before taking the stage slammed the decision to leave the Paris Accords despite the lack of evidence that the economic cost that the US would front would do ANYTHING to change the climate for the better.

But this article isn’t about Climate Change, or the liberal rigged system of the Miss America contest or

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