Student Sits For Pledge, Inspired By NFL

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“Only a massive, indiscriminate, increases in welfare and food stamps will make me believe America is Just” – every single one of these damn protesters

The family of 17-year-old black student, India Landry, of Windfern High school has filed a lawsuit against the school this Saturday, after Landry was expelled for refusing to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance.

Landry, who claims that she hasn’t stood for the pledge for years, claims that, “[students] were making rude comments saying, ‘This isn’t the NFL, you won’t do this here,’” she said in an interview after the incident. “I don’t want to stand for something that doesn’t represent what I’m going through.”

The black student continued, “I don’t think that the flag is what it says it’s for, for liberty and justice and all that. It’s not obviously what’s going on in America today.”

Recalling the incident, India noted that the Principal

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