South Florida Looters Caught Red-Handed by Roving News Van

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I sure hope the police are already out there preparing to make a host of arrests in South Florida, because the vermin who use tragedy as a cover for their crimes deserve the harshest penalties we can throw at them.

As Hurricane Irma was busy ravaging the Sunshine State on Sunday, criminals were also busy planning their attacks on the innocent victims left helpless by the storm.


Even with police warnings, the dregs of society made their way out into the streets in an effort to get some free stuff from mostly undefended stores.

Any looters who come to Pembroke Pines will be greeted by our officers. Choose wisely and stay home.

— Pembroke Pines PD (@PPinesPD) September 10, 2017

ATTENTION LOOTERS; Every incident will be investigated. Evidence collected will be used to pursue charges after the

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