Soros Behind Purge Of State Employees In Philly

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The newly elected District Attorney for Philadelphia, Larry Krasner, is a Democrat. And like most democrats, he takes his cues and marching orders from the progressive billionaire, George Soros. However, he is doing it shockingly out in the open!

During his campaign for office Krasner ran on contributions from Soros, to the tune of $2 million. For a small district attorney’s race – even for a city as sizable as Philadelphia – that’s a huge number. Within days of taking office, on January 2nd, he forced over 30 of the districts finest lawyers from their jobs – formally demanding that they resign their posts. No explanation was given for this cold-blooded move, and no reason has yet been given as to why the 31 lawyers, from the homicide division, drug enforcement division, and civil asset forfeiture division were targeted.

However, this much is obvious; Philadelphia has a long history of

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