Smith & Wesson’s Desperate Measures to Avoid Bankruptcy

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The ONLY positive thing to come out of 8 years of Barack Obama was record firearms sales. Firearm and firearm accessories manufacturers recorded a number of extremely profitable sales amidst the fears of Obama managing to enact anti-American gun control laws.

Chance are those record sales would have continued had Hillary Clinton won the election in 2016, but she didn’t and panic buying slowed down more than gun manufacturers anticipated. American Outdoor Brands, owner of Smith & Wesson has seen sales drop to the extent that Standard & Poors downgraded their credit to junk status.

Now the popular firearm’s company is slashing prices in an attempt to sell surplice stock and avoid being forced into bankruptcy.

(Newsmax) – American Outdoor Brands Corp. dropped to a two-year low after the maker of Smith & Wesson firearms lowered its annual profit target and said steep price cuts would continue for

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