Silencerco Maxim 50 Another reason to Reform National Gun Law

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SilencerCo, the innovative silencer company that produces most of the silencers for the United States market, has developed a revolutionary new product. It is an integral silencer on a modern muzzleloader, called the Maxim 50.

Josh Waldron of Silencerco has been one of the strongest voices pushing for reform of the antiquated and poorly conceived National Firearms Act.

In 1932, when the Act was passed, no one gave any explanations for including gun mufflers, called silencers. The inclusion of silencers never made any sense. In the rest of the “developed world”, silencers are often regulated much less than guns. In New Zealand, a liberal mecca, anyone with cash can buy silencers over the counter. Even children are not barred from doing so. Most of Europe considers silencers to be a safety and noise pollution device. New Zealand has

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