SilencerCo Introduces 50-State Legal Suppressed Muzzle Loader

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While much of the attention on suppressors lately has focused the Hearing Protection Act and its inclusion in the SHARE Act, SilencerCo isn’t interested in just waiting around for the laws to change. Instead, it seems the mad scientists have come up with something that will let everyone own a suppressed gun reportedly without going through the NFA nonsense.

From their press release:

For the first time since the National Firearms Act (NFA) was created in 1934, civilians can enjoy suppressed shooting in all 50 states with SilencerCo’s latest innovation: the integrally suppressed Maxim 50 muzzleloader. In addition, this product can be purchased right now on the web with no regulation (no 4473, no tax stamp, no photographs or fingerprints) at and be shipped immediately to the purchaser with few exceptions*.

Residents in the 42 states that allow civilian ownership of silencers have to pay a $200

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