Should 2nd Amendment Be Your Carry Permit? Michigan House Considering the Idea!

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Michigan’s House legislators are connsidering constitutional carry! With constitutional carry, the 2nd Amendment serves as your concealed carry permit, and you are not required to have a tangible license.

Open carry is already legal without a permit in Michigan, as it is in many states. However a problem arises if the law-abiding citizen puts on a jacket or perhaps their shirt hangs down over the gun. At this point, they are now required to produce a government issued ID, when just seconds before, they were obeying the law.


Breitbart reports:

New Hampshire lawmakers passed legislation abolishing their concealed carry permit requirement earlier this year and Gov. Chris Sununu (R) signed the bill on February 22. North Dakota followed suit and abolished their concealed permit requirement on March 24, 2017. Now Michigan lawmakers are pushing to make the same change.

The Detroit

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