She Finally Speaks: Hillary On The Weinstein Scandal

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Your response was 5 days late, and millions of dollars short…

Hilary Clinton, after days of silence, has finally – and at long last – spoken on the tidal wave of sexual assault claims emerging against one of her top fundraisers and confidantes, Harvey Weinstein.

In a nod to the inescapable public outrage that would be leveled against her if she didn’t act – Hillary tokenly committed to returning all personal donations she had received from Weinstein, and donating the funds to charity. However, she was utterly silent on the matter of donations that went to her Campaign, and her campaign projects.

Harvey Weinstein, the now disgraced Hollywood mogul, has been known for decades as a wealthy financier of Democratic politics. And as stories continue to emerge, it is becoming increasingly clear that he was also well known for his various sexual assaults against stars of all ages.

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