Sexually Deviant Democrat Finally Resigns, Endorses Son as Replacement

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As the democratic party continues to come to terms with the horrific behavior of a number of their most loyal members, one such pervert is taking himself out of the game.

House Rep. John Conyers has been inundated over the course of the last two weeks with horrendous allegations regarding his sexually inappropriate behavior around colleagues and staff members.  The long time democrat was, at first, supported by his chosen political party despite the accusations and the torrid stories that emerged in their wake, with Nancy Pelosi famously flip-flopping on the subject in recent days and calling for his resignation.

Now, it seems as though Conyers has finally read the writing on the wall and will be stepping down from Congress, but not before endorsing his own son to take his place.

“Rep. John Conyers on Tuesday announced his retirement from Congress while in a Michigan hospital

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