Senator Disrupts Important Meeting To Scream, “[Trump Is] Killing People”

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You’d think a Senator would handle herself with a dignity befitting the office…

While attending an important bipartisan meeting on the future of American infrastructure, disgraceful and tactless New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand screeched that Trump was “killing people,” by his administration’s refusal to fully fund the construction of a commuter tunnel between New York City and New Jersey.

The Trump Administration had made it clear that both New York and New Jersey were in no financial state to even support a fraction of the cost of development and construction for the boondoggle. And in all likelihood, the money would be poured into the deep pockets of unionized workers, and funneled right into the coffers of the Democratic party. The multi-billion-dollar project is something that New York and New Jersey have been talking about – but not saving for – for years. Meanwhile, the rust belt, and bridges of middle

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