Russian Collusion Investigation Now Targeting NRA

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Over the past 8 months, there has been a mountain of evidence linking the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee to collusion with Russians, with money laundering, campaign finance violations and trying to rig the Democratic presidential nominal in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

Yet, Democrats and the mainstream media continue to pursue any rumor of collusion between anyone associated with President Donald Trump and Russians.

It’s now being reported that the Trump-Russia investigation is targeting the NRA after rumors of Russians funneling money to the NRA with which to help the Trump campaign. Chances are, they are targeting the NRA in hopes of destroying one of the most effective and strongest gun-rights advocates in the nation.

(Liberty Park Press) –  A media frenzy has erupted in the wake of a Thursday morning report by McClatchy that the FBI is possibly looking into whether a “top Russian banker with ties

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