Robbery Suspect May Sue Man Who Stopped Him

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There’s always a cost involved in stepping in to stop someone trying to do bad things. Usually, though, when we think of those costs, we tend to think of injury or death. To be fair, those are the big ones, but they’re not the only ones.

A California man is now looking at some of those ramifications after he stopped a would-be armed robber recently.

In the video, Jerri picks up a chair and hits Flores before the two start fighting.

Police said Jerri was stabbed in the neck during the violent encounter, but managed to wrestle away the knife and stab Flores multiple times.

Flores remains in jail as he awaits his October court hearing.

His mother, Pamela Chimienti, told KGRE that she does not condone her son’s actions, but thinks Jerri used excessive force when trying to stop him.

“The guy, in my opinion, went from Good

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