Republicans To Write New, Tougher, Iran Deal

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“We are working with the Administration to improve the salvageable parts of the deal” “Thank YHWH!”

Last Thursday, House Republicans announced legislation to alter the existing vestiges of Obama’s disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal. As congress approaches a looming April deadline for recertification of the agreement – if the agreement is not modified and made tougher through the legislative process, Iran will be able to meet the lax standards of the Obama Administration and reap massive rewards.

Republican defense hawks, Liz Cheney (daughter of former Vice President, Dick Cheney), and Pete Roskham are looking to add measures to ban the manufacture of ballistic missiles – nuclear or conventional, and force Tehran to allow, “anytime, anywhere” checking of any suspicious research labs or nuclear facilities.

The current nuclear deal gives Iran 24 days notice of before international inspectors show up to inspect and investigate for illegal nuclear activity. However, this is more

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