Rep Posts Art Of Muslim Statue Of Liberty, Wearing A Hajib, In Capitol

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A painting of the Statue of Liberty wearing a hijab hangs in the California office of Rep. J. Luis Correa.

Hopefully, it won’t stay that way for long!  Mike McGetrick of ‘We The People Rising’ wrote the Congressman, demanding the immediate removal of the disgusting artwork. In his letter, McGetrick stated that the painting, created by a high school student, show the iconic statue with her torch slung over her shoulder – like a baseball bat, and the fact that the figure is wearing radical Muslim clothing is “perplexing, even disturbing.”

“Ultimately, to attribute a specific religion to the Statue of Liberty is inaccurate, unprofessional and offensive,” McGetrick wrote in his letter. In addition, the painting displays the torch of the Statue of Liberty, not as the heralded beacon of light, but rather held awkwardly to one side” he added.

Another member of McGentrick’s organization wrote in, saying, “You

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