Rahm Claims Illegal Aliens Keep Chicago Safe

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Birds of a feather protect criminal aliens together…

Rahm Emanuel, Chicago mayor and long-time Democratic powerbroker, has filed a lawsuit against the justice Department this week. Rahm is arguing that the Trump administration is trying to rein in sanctuary cities such as Chicago. Well, no duh!

“Chicago will not be blackmailed into changing our values,” Rahm Emanuel declared, as he announced the lawsuit against the Justice Department.

Commentators believe that this very public lawsuit is a cynical bid by Rahm Emanuel to strengthen his position for the upcoming elections. Due to the rampant violence across the city of Chicago, and recent police shootings, Rahm Emanuel’s position as mayor is very tenuous. However, Eric Oliver, an expert in the politics of race at the University of Chicago, believes that the mayor’s gambit will pay off.

Oliver believes President Trump is hated much more than Emanuel and thus, starting a feud with

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